Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996, Vol. I. From the Late Bronze Age to the Medieval Period


This volume is the first in the series of final reports on the
Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project directed by Amihai Mazar on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The project includes the nine seasons of excavation conducted at Tel Beth-Shean (1989-1996), the ongoing excavations at Tel Rehov (since 1997), and various regional surveys. The current volume presents an introduction to the expedition's work; a synthesis of the findings discussed in the volume; an analysis of the formation processes; a report on the excavation of and below the Egyptian New Kingdom "Governor's Residency"; a presentation of the stratigraphy, architecture, and various finds relating to the Iron Age and Hellenistic, Byzantine, Early Islamic and Medieval periods in six excavation areas; and studies of the botanical and zoological data. Thirty-four authors contributed to this rich and varied final report on one of the major archaeological sites in Israel

Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996, Vol. I.

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    A. Mazar

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