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Editors: S. Ahituv, A.M. Maeir, and Z. Weiss

Executive Editor: N. Panitz-Cohen

For over 70 years, the Israel Exploration Journal has been a major interdisciplinary, scholarly forum for current archaeological, historical and geographical research about Israel and its environs. Articles span a broad chronological range, from prehistoric through historical periods. The primary emphasis is the archaeology of Israel: the Israel Exploration Journal is a core journal and primary source of information in this field.

Feature articles are extensively illustrated with color photographs, drawings and plans. Here is a partial listing of themes covered:

  • Ancient texts and inscriptions

  • Trade and commerce

  • Biblical archaeology

  • Metallurgy

  • Historical geography

  • Dead Sea Scroll research

  • Ancient synagogues and churches

​Other regular sections include:

  • Preliminary reports on current archaeological excavations in Israel

  • Notices of archaeological congresses and conventions

  • Book reviews, review articles and book notes

  • Hebrew books and papers

  • Books received

  • Obituaries

  • Pottery typology and technology

  • Tombs and burial customs

  • Cult sites and temples

  • Floral and faunal analyses

  • Underwater archaeology

  • Physical anthropology


Guidelines for contributors and Guidelines for illustrations


Annual membership with the Israel Exploration Journal, published twice a year: 210 NIS (postage paid) in Israel.

Annual membership with the Israel Exploration Journal, published twice a year: $ 80 (postage paid) outside Israel.

Many back issues of the Israel Exploration Journal are still available. A list will be sent on request. Comprehensive author/title/subject indexes are available for Vols. 1–40 of the journal as follows: Vols. 1–10—$15; Vols. 11–20 (in vol. 26)—$26; Vols. 21–30 (available as photocopy only)—$15; Vols. 30–40—$15

Back issues of the IEJ are now available online at JSTOR.

IEJ זמין במרשתת ללא עלות באתר הספרייה הלאומית של ישראל וכן באתר JSTOR.

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