Qedem 44

The Mosaics of the House of Dionysos at Sepphoris


The size and artistic richness of the mosaic in the triclinium of the House of Dionysos, and the diversity of the depictions relating to Dionysos and his cult as actually celebrated in the Roman period, as well as the complex relationship between Dionysos and Herakles reflected in some of the floor’s panels, make it outstanding among the finds from Sepphoris. Chapters in this volume present an overview of the other mosaic floors of the same general period in Israel and Jordan; the building itself and the architectural and archaeological data (including the pottery) provided by its excavation; a detailed description of the Dionysiac mosaic and its iconography; a stylistic analysis of the mosaic with comparisons to other mosaics in the region and discussion of the evidence for its dating; the technical features of the mosaic; the mosaics found in the other parts of the structure; and the unique decorative program of the mosaic and its implications, the value of the mosaic as a historical and cultural source, and the questions of its ownership and purpose.

44. The Mosaics of the House of Dionysos at Sepphoris

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    Qedem 44

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    Excavated by E. M. Meyers, E. Netzer and C. L. Meyers, R. Talgam and Z. Weiss

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    170 pages incl. 16 color plates

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