Qedem 28

The Early Islamic Monuments of al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem: An Iconographic Study


This volume, the sequel to Qedem 26, continues the history of Mampsis. Unlike other towns in the central Negev, where ecclesiastical buildings form part of prosperous settlements built in the Late Roman-Byzantine period, at Mampsis they were imposed on a town built hundreds of years earlier. The author provides a historical discussion of the economic base of the town and addresses the problem of the early end of the town in the mid-6th century CE. Mampsis was the only Nabatean town to be surrounded by a city wall, probably built in the early 4th century. The presentation of the wall is followed by descriptions of the two Byzantine churches, the East Church and the West Church. A full numismatic report and a survey of the architectural decoration of all periods complete the volume.

28. The Early Islamic Monuments of al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem

  • Series

    Qedem 28

  • Author

    Miriam Rosen-Ayalon

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    90 pages

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