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Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Society

The Hebrew-language Bulletin of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society, (from Vol. 16 on: the Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Society), appeared from 1933 to 1967, when it was replaced by the journal Qadmoniot. 

The initial aim was to publicize the activities of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society, long the only Jewish institution involved in the study of the archaeology, geography, and natural history of the Land of Israel. The journal’s first editors were Benjamin Mazar and Shmuel Yeivin. 

In its early years it published reports of excavations conducted by the Society, as well as studies on geography, climate, vegetation, etc. 

Articles dealing with historical geography and identifications of biblical sites appear, along with summaries of lectures about archaeology presented around the country and information on the activities of foreign archaeological missions. 

While the articles are all in Hebrew, some incluse English summaries.

All 31 volumes are accessible on-line at no cost to the user at:. as well as in the internet site of the  National Library of Israel and JSTOR.

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