Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996. Volume IV: The 4th and 3rd Millennia B.C.E


This volume presents the results of the excavations at Tel Beth-Shean from the Early Bronze Age and the Intermediate Bronze Age. A substantial Early Bronze IB building in Area M was violently destroyed and rebuilt shortly afterwards. Its plan and rich finds have implications for our understanding of social and economic aspects of this formative period. After a gap in Early Bronze II, the Early Bronze III is represented by a series of occupation phases, most of them accompanied by a large amount of Khirbet Kerak Ware, confirming that Beth-Shean was the southernmost settlement site of the ‘Khirbet Kerak people’. After a possible occupation gap, an ephemeral intermediate Bronze Age settlement existed for a short time on top of the abandoned Early Bronze Age city.

Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996. Volume IV

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    A. Mazar (editor)

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    21 x 27 cm., hardcover, xviii+431 pages, numerous illustrations. ISBN 978-965-221-085-0

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