Qedem Reports 3


Yoqne‘am, one of the sites dominating the passes through the Carmel range, was more or less continuously settled for close to four millennia, from the Early Bronze Age to the Mamluk period. It was the main site investigated in the framework of the Yoqne‘am Regional Project in the western Jezreel Valley between 1975 and 1988. This volume presents the results of the excavations relating to the Hellenistic through Ottoman periods, with the Early Islamic-Crusader-Mamluk periods providing the most significant contribution. The volume includes a historical discussion of Yoqne`am in the Crusader period, detailed descriptions of the architectural remains of the site, including the Crusader church, and presentations of the finds: pottery of the various periods (including an important chapter on the large assemblage of medieval pottery), oil lamps, tobacco pipes, glass, metal and bone items, coins, and human and animal remains.

3. Yoqne‘am I: The Late Periods

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    A. Ben-Tor, M. Avissar, & Y. Portugali

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    512 pages

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