Early Bronze Age remains from two very different sites are published here in detail. At Azor, south of Tel Aviv, two artificial burial caves containing the bones of some 200 individuals, 268 ceramic vessels, weapons, flint implements, and other artifacts of the late Proto-Urban period (EB II) were found. The placement of the burial gifts relative to the skeletal material in these caves is unique. The first season of excavations into the settlement layers at Tell Yarmuth, southwest of Beth Shemesh, uncovered two strata of EB III-IV, as well as remains from the Chalcolithic through Byzantine periods.

1. Two Burial Caves of the P.-U. Per. at Azor. Excavations at Tel Yarmuth

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    Qedem 1

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    Amnon Ben-Tor

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    88 pages, 32 plates

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