Qedem 42

Timnah (Tel Batash) II: The Finds from the First Millennium BCE

This second two-volume set of the final report on the excavations at Timnah (Tel Batash) in the northern Shephelah of Judah presents the pottery and other finds from the first millennium BCE, i.e. the Iron Age II and the Persian period (Strata IV–I), with a few stray finds of the Hellenistic period. The major part of the text volume is devoted to detailed typological and comparative discussion of the pottery, accompanied by examination of aspects such as surface treatment, provenience, and distribution by stratum and in particular architectural units. In the remainder of the volume different classes of finds are presented: these include inscriptions and seal impressions, figurative clay objects, metal objects, stone objects, and various other classes of small finds. The concluding chapter presents additional conclusions that stem from the material presented in the volume, exploring issues relating to chronology, geopolitics and the Iron Age society and economy. The plates volume contains 106 plates of drawings of pottery and other objects, arranged according to homogeneous architectural units or groups of loci of similar stratigraphic nature in each of the excavation areas.

42. Timnah (Tel Batash) II: The Finds from the First Millennium BCE

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    Qedem 42

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    Amihai Mazar and Nava Panitz-Cohen

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    220 pages

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