Qedem 43

The Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem 1968–1978 Directed by Benjamin Mazar. Final Reports Vol. II: The Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods.


This volume is the second of the final reports on the excavations carried out under the direction of Benjamin Mazar in 1968–78 (the first volume was published as Qedem 29). The excavations at the foot of the southern wall and the southeast corner of the enclosure of the Temple Mount were conducted on a huge scale and eventually extended over an area of about eight acres. Part One of the present volume presents the architecture and finds of three Byzantine structures in Areas XV and XVII. Part Two presents the “House of the Menorot”, a Byzantine and Early Islamic building in Area VI. Part Three presents three probably residential structures of the Byzantine period in Areas III and XII. The architectural description of these structures is accompanied by presentation of their rich assemblages of finds. Separate chapters are devoted to special groups of finds from the excavations: pottery vessels, pottery and glass lamps, coins and flan molds, an ossuary, inscriptions, stamped roof tiles and bricks, ecclesiastical furniture, arms and pottery figurines.

43. The Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem 1968–1978. Final Reports Vol. II

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    Qedem 43

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    E. Mazar

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    256 pages

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