About 400 Nabatean, Greek, Latin, Hebrew-Aramaic, Coptic, Armenian, and Thamudic rock-cut inscriptions were photographed in 1970-1971 in a section of Wadi Haggag in western Sinai; 267 of them are published here. They include Nabatean and pre-Christian Greek graffiti written by Nabateans in the 2nd-3rd centuries CE, a Greek inscription of the early 4th century, and Greco-Christian, Jewish, Armenian, and perhaps early Arabic inscriptions from the 5th century and later. The discussions in the catalogue are supplemented by a survey of modern exploration in the area, observations on symbols and pilgrimages, a description of the related pottery, and indexes.

6. The Inscriptions of Wadi Haggag

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    Sinai, A. Negev

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