The Ancient Pottery of Israel and Its Neighbors from the Middle Bronze Age through the Late Bronze Age Volume 3

This volume is the third in the series The Ancient Pottery of Israel and Its Neighbors. Covering the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, it follows two volumes dealing with the Iron Age through the Hellenistic period that were published in 2015 (Vols. 1 and 2). A final volume for the Neolithic period through the Early Bronze Age (Vol. 4) is currently in preparation. Vol. 3, published in 2019 by the Israel Exploration Society, the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the American Schools of Oriental Research, offers a comprehensive corpus of ceramic forms and their typological development organized according to period, geographical region, and/or cultural tradition. The focus of each chapter is on the most characteristic pottery types and decorative motifs selected from a wide range of sites. Unique in scope, this publication presents a wide range of ceramic types accompanied by specially prepared pottery plates and colour photos illustrating over two thousand forms. A classic reference work, it will serve as an essential resource for archaeologists and other scholars and students of ancient Near Eastern studies.

1.1 Middle Bronze Age II: Introduction David Ilan, Ruhama Bonfil, and Ezra Marcus

1.2 Middle Bronze Age IIA David Ilan and Ezra Marcus

1.3 Middle Bronze Age IIB–C Ruhama Bonfil

2.1 Middle Bronze Age II Local and Imported Tell el-Yahudiyeh Ware Manfred Bietak and David Aston 2.2 Middle Bronze Age II Cypriot Imports Michal Artzy

3 Late Bronze Age I–II Robert A. Mullins and Eli Yannai

4.1 Middle Bronze Age II–Late Bronze Age II Egyptian and Egyptian-Type Pottery Eliezer D. Oren

4.2 Late Bronze Age I–II Cypriot Imports Michal Artzy

4.3 Late Bronze Age II Anatolian Imports Michal Artzy

4.4 Late Bronze Age IIB/Iron Age IA Midianite Pottery Beno Rothenberg Epilogue: The Dating of Qurayyah Painted Ware in the Southern Levant Lily Singer-Avit

The Ancient Pottery of Israel and Its Neighbors. Volume 3

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    Seymour Gitin, Editor

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    473 pp., 173 plates with 1,669 images; 26 color photos illustrating 248 vessels; hard cover 27.6×21 cm. ISBN 978–965–221–123–1

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