Qedem 24

Tell Qiri--A Village in the Jezreel Valley. Final Report


This volume presents a detailed report of the excavations carried out in 1975-1977 at Tell Qiri in the Jezreel Valley, the first site excavated in the framework of the Yoqne`am Regional Project. The excavations revealed occupational levels of the Neolithic period, the Middle Bronze Age II, and from the Iron Age I to the Late Roman--Early Byzantine periods. Burial remains from the Late Muslim period were unearthed, as well as sporadic finds from the Chalcolithic, Early Bronze, Middle Bronze I, Late Bronze, Umayyad, Crusader, and Ottoman periods. The small, damaged and unimpressive site of Tell Qiri has revealed an astonishingly rich and diverse amount of remains from various periods. No less than 12 stratigraphic stages comprise the five major settlement strata spanning the entire Iron Age. An extensive analysis, employing various methods, has enabled the reconstruction of a small agricultural settlement within its environmental setting.

24. Tell Qiri--A Village in the Jezreel Valley. Final Report

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    Qedem 24

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    A. Ben-Tor and Y. Portugali 

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    320 pages

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