Qedem 62

Tel Reḥov, A Bronze and Iron Age City in the Beth-Shean Valley, Volume IV. Pottery Studies, Inscriptions and Figurative Art.

Excavations at Tel Reḥov, carried out from 1997 to 2012 under the direction of Amihai Mazar on behalf of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, revealed significant remains from the Early Bronze, Late Bronze and Iron Ages. The most prominent period is Iron IIA (10th–9th centuries BCE). Many completely exposed buildings, the unique apiary and an open-air sanctuary, as well as other noteworthy contexts from this period, yielded one of the richest assemblages of finds in the northern part of the Land of Israel to date. The five volumes comprising the final report of these excavations are published in the Qedem Monograph series of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, written and edited by Amihai Mazar and Nava Panitz-Cohen, with contributions by numerous scholars. These volumes are a trove of data accompanied by detailed analyses of stratigraphy, architecture, pottery assemblages and many other artifacts, as well as a good number of natural-sciences studies, constituting an essential resource for all those who are interested in the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant.

Volume IV (Qedem 62) presents studies of the Late Bronze and Iron Age local and imported pottery assemblages, along with petrographic analyses. The volume includes chapters on the rich corpus of inscriptions and items of figurative art, including cult objects, figurines, amulets and glyptics, written by various scholars and including hundreds of pottery figures, drawings and color illustrations.

Tel Reḥov-A Bronze and Iron Age City in the Beth-Shean Valley-Vol. IV (Qedem 62)

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    Qedem 62

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    Amihai Mazar and Nava Panitz-Cohen

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    640 pages.

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