Qedem Reports 5


The eight seasons of excavation at the small site of Tel Qashish were conducted as part of the Yoqne‘am Regional Project that also included the excavations at Tel Qiri and Tel Yoqne‘am  and a survey of the western Jezreel Valley. Remains consisting mainly of domestic structures and dating principally from the Early Bronze Age I to the Late Bronze Age were uncovered at Tel Qashish. The present volume presents the architecture, pottery assemblages and pottery typology of the three main periods, the EB I, EB II–III and Middle to Late Bronze Ages, with a description of the minor remains of later periods. The volume also includes overviews of the settlement history of the site in the different periods, a petrographic study of the EB II–III pottery and discussions of special finds, such as a cylinder seal and seal impressions, decorated bones, a bead, figurines, chipped stone artifacts, human skeletal remains, shell beads, freshwater clams and land snails, and botanical and faunal remains.

5. Tel Qashish: A Village in the Jezreel Valley

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    Amnon Ben-Tor, Ruhama Bonfil and Sharon Zuckerman

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    498 pages

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