Qedem Reports 14


This is the fifth volume publishing the results of the excavations at Sha῾ar Hagolan, an 8000-year-old Neolithic village located in the Central Jordan Valley, comprising one of the most important sites of the Yarmukian culture. This volume focuses on the development of pyrotechnology, discussing the initial organization of the pottery industry and the final stages of the production of burnt lime vessels, the so-called White Ware. The volume contains eight chapters that present the pottery assemblage and the clay objects on a typological and quantitative basis, along with petrographic analysis and spatial distribution in completely excavated building complexes. White Ware items are discussed as well.

14. Sha῾ar Hagolan 5, Early Pyrotechnology: Ceramics and White Ware

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    Yosef Garfinkel

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    One volume, size 25×31 cm, hard cover; text and illustrations: 292 pages. Hardcover.

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