English Articles

Jodi Magness

Rivka Nir Moshe Fischer

Gil Gambash

Official Roman Responses to Indigenous Resistance Movements: Aspects of Commemoration
Tacitus and the Defamation of the Jews

Erich S. Gruen Hannah M. Cotton and Werner Eck

Zeev Rubin

The See of Eleutheropolis in the Conflict for Supremacy between the See of Caesarea and the See of Jerusalem in the 4th and the Early 5th Century CE
Eutocius of Ascalon, “Eutocius” in Palestine

Jonathan J. Price

An Imperial Arch in the Colonia Aelia Capitolina: A Fragment of a Latin Inscription in the Islamic Museum of the Haram ash-Sharif
Two Unpublished Inscriptions from Private Collections in Jerusalem

Joseph Geiger Daniela Dueck

The Jewish Solon: Herzl’s Political Ideas as Reflected in

Leah Di Segni

An Unknown “Monastery of the Holy Trinity” on the Mount of Olives: A Revision of the Evidence
Not Israel’s Land Then: The Church of the Three Palestines in 518 CE

His Literary Work Hebrew Abstracts of English Articles

Fergus Millar

Benjamin Z. Kedar and Hervé Barbé

Dating the Subterranean Passage at the Patriarchs’ Cave,

English Abstracts of Hebrew Articles

Hebrew Articles

Did the Qumran Sectarians Fast on Weekdays or on the Sabbath?
Between Centre and Periphery: “Suburban Plebs” and Politics in the Late Roman Republic

Raz Mustigman

On Halakha and History: The Commandment of Shikheha of Olives as a Source for Jewish History in the Generation of Usha
Who Gave the Title Antoniniana to the Legio X Fretensis? Phanebalos and the Evidence for the Cult of the Goddess Tanit in Palestine

Shachal Yariv
Daniel R. SchwartzJosephus on Herod’s Uncles

Avner Ecker Michael Shenkar

Uriel Rappaport
List of Publications of Israel Shatzman
Guy D. Stiebel “Here and There in the Land of Israel”: In the Footsteps

Dov Gera Jeremiah and the Sword of God
Uriel Rappaport The Conversion of the Idumaeans under John Hyrcanus

Joseph Patrich

The Date of the Foundation of Caesarea as a Roman Colony
Josephus on John the Baptist: A Reconsideration
The Security Issue on the Emmaus-Jerusalem Road Before and After the Great Revolt: Horvat Mazad as a Test Case

Cisterns in Ras Tumeim, East of Jerusalem


Israel’s Land Papers Presented to Israel Shatzman on His Jubilee

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