Qedem 23

Investigations at Beth Shean: The Early Iron Age Strata


The idea of renewing excavations at Beth Shean was conceived by Yigael Yadin in the context of his desire to gain a broader understanding of the Early Iron Age. After dealing with questions concerning this period during his excavations and studies of Hazor and Megiddo, he was convinced that in order to reexamine this period two further regions should be examined -- the inland valleys and the coastal area. Beth Shean was chosen by him as the key site for the former region. The present volume presents the main results of this season of excavations, with detailed discussions of the pottery assemblages. The Early Iron Age was previously identified in three strata at the site; the renewed excavations resulted in the identification of an additional stratum of this period. A fresh reconstruction of the historical events and setting of the Early Iron Age in this part of the country may now be attempted.

23. Investigations at Beth Shean: The Early Iron Age Strata

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    Qedem 23

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    Y. Yadin and Shulamit Geva 

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    96 pages

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