Qedem 29

Excavations in the South of the Temple Mount: The Ophel of Biblical Jerusalem


From 1968 to 1977, large-scale excavations took place in Jerusalem along the southern wall of the Temple Mount and the southern portion of the western wall. In the area of the Ophel, south of the eastern Hulda Gate, remains of a royal building complex of the First Temple period were discovered. Further excavations took place in 1986 and 1987 to examine the royal building and its stratigraphy. This volume presents the major construction units of this area from the outset of construction in the First Temple period: two towers, a gate, and an adjacent royal building, apparently first built in the 9th century BCE. An additional chapter describes the rock-hewn "rooms," perhaps tombs, of the First Temple period discovered in the eastern slope of the western hill. The architectural description, with plans and photographs, is accompanied by pottery plates and by appendices on the clay figurines, Hebrew inscriptions and seals, a dendroarchaeological study, and animal and fish bone remains.

29.Excavations in the South of the Temple Mount: The Ophel of Jerusalem

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    Qedem 29

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    Eilat Mazar and B. Mazar

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    206 pages

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