Qedem 35

Excavations at the City of David IV, 1978-85, Directed by Y. Shiloh


This is the third of the final reports of the excavations at the City of David directed by the late Prof. Yigal Shiloh. The volume opens with a report on the City of David and its ancient subterranean waterworks, presenting the innovative hypothesis that the waterworks were constructed by following natural passages. It is followed by comprehensive reports on special groups of artifacts from all over the City of David, primarily from the earlier periods: ceramic figurines, loomweights and whorls, the groundstone industry, the weights from the Bronze Age to the Persian period, flint implements, gemstones, beads and pendants, and "Horus Eye" amulets. Reports on the bird and faunal remains from Areas A, D, H and K complete the volume. The presentation of these finds in one volume provides a wide-ranging view of the material culture of the City of David in the Biblical period.

35. Excavations at the City of David IV, 1978-85

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    Qedem 35

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    A. de Groot and D.T. Ariel (eds.)

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    352 pages

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