Qedem 19

Excavations at the City of David I, 1978-1982: Interim Report of the First Five Seasons


This comprehensive interim report presents the results of the excavation, the conclusions reached, and the main finds uncovered at the City of David in Jerusalem in the first five seasons of excavation. The report describes the stratigraphy, architecture, and main finds, such as the pottery assemblages and inscriptions, in each of the 11 excavated areas -- from Area G in the north of the hill to Area A near the Siloam Pool. In addition, the excavation and initial results of the renewed study of Warren's Shaft are described. The stratigraphic reports are followed by a comprehensive discussion of the nature and contents of each of the 21 strata identified, from the Chalcolithic period to the late dumps covering the eastern slope of the hill. The discussion focuses primarily on the finds from the Bronze and Iron Ages -- the Canaanite and Israelite cities. Previous conclusions on the urban character of the entire city during the First and Second Temple periods are reviewed in light of the finds from the City and David and other important excavations near the Temple Mount and in the Jewish Quarter. The Hebrew and English texts are accompanied by 84 plans and 85 photographs.

19. Excavations at the City of David I, 1978-1982: Report of the First Five

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    Qedem 19

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    Y. Shiloh

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    144 pages, 41 plates

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