Qedem 33

Personal Names in the Nabatean Realm


This is the second of the final reports of the excavations at the City of David directed by the late Prof. Yigal Shiloh. The volume contains three parts. The first part consists of detailed stratigraphic reports on the excavations in four areas located in the southern part of the City of David and relating to the later periods: A1, A2, H and K. The second part comprises reports on macrobotanical remains, molluscs and fish remains found in all areas and periods of the City of David. The third part consists of reports on special groups of finds of later periods: Late Roman and Byzantine pottery from Areas H and K; Byzantine and medieval pottery from Areas A1 and G; chalk vessels of the Persian/Hellenistic and Early Roman periods from all parts of the City of David; and two jewelry molds from Areas H and K.

33. Excavations at the City of David 1978-1985 by Yigal Shiloh Volume III

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    Qedem 33

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    A. de Groot and D.T. Ariel

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    292 pages

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