Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996, Volume II. The Middle and Late Bronze Age Strata in Area R


This volume is the second in the series of final reports on the Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project directed by Amihai Mazar on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The project includes the nine seasons of excavation conducted at Tel Beth-Shean (1989–1996), the ongoing excavations at Tel Rehov (since 1997), and various regional surveys. The current volume comprises the final report on the Middle Bronze Ageand Late Bronze Age I–IIA strata uncovered in Area R, below the Level IX temple area excavated by the University of Pennsylvania. It presents detailed documentation and discussion of the stratigraphy and architecture, including the early phases of the Level IX temple and an earlier temple of the LB I. The large pottery assemblages are analyzed by A. Maeir (the Middle Bronze Age) and R. Mullins (the Late Bronze Age). Provenience studies of the pottery were carried out A. Cohen-Weinberger (petrography) and A. Maeir and J. Yellin (INAA). Various classes of objects are discussed by N. Yahalom-Mack and A. Mazar, stone vessels are studied by C. Clamer, scarabs by B. Brandl, flints assemblages by O. Marder and R. Bankirer, cylinder seals by D. Collon, botanical remains by M. Kislev, Y. Melamed and O.Simchoni, faunal remains by L. Kolska Horwitz, and a number of 14C dates are presented. This final report contributes a wealth of new data to our knowledge of the cultural development of a major site in Canaan during the second millennium BCE.

Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996, Volume II.

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    A. Mazar and R. Mullins (editors)

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    ISBN 965-221-058-7. 760 pages, hardcover, numerous illustrations

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