Qedem Reports 1


Qedem Reports 1 and 2 present the final report of Areas A and C at Tel Dor, excavated in 1980-1987. The excavations at Dor provide an unparalleled opportunity to study a major Phoenician harbor town on the eastern Mediterranean coast. The excavations revealed a large planned city of the Persian and Hellenistic periods, built in typically Phoenician techniques and fortified by a strong wall, with continued settlement in the Roman period. This volume includes descriptions of registration and surveying methods, a stratigraphic summary describing the finds of the various strata, a detailed stratigraphic report, a discussion of absolute dates, historical conclusions, a report on maritime and coastal inst

1. Excavations at Dor, Final Report, Vol. I A: Areas A and C

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    E. Stern

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    380 pages. 

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