Qedem 32

Personal Names in the Nabatean Realm


The volume gives a comprehensive alphabetic index of personal names published since 1932 (or unpublished) appearing in Nabatean-Aramaic inscriptions in each of the four regions of the Nabatean realm. The occurrence of the name in related ancient Arabian languages is noted, with the Arabic form of the name, comments on its meaning, and comparison to equivalents found in Greek inscriptions. Analytical tables then present the names by region and by frequency in each region, and by names relating to different subjects (theophoric names, geographical and ethnic names, Greek and Roman names, occupational names, and names reflecting celestial bodies, animals, birds and reptiles, plants, spiritual qualities, and physical qualities. Special tables deal with the names of Egra and the Hauran, the relationship between Nabatean-Aramaic names and Safaitic names, Nabatean/Arabian names, and Nabatean/Arabian names in Greek form. The analytical tables are followed by a detailed commentary and by an epilogue presenting the historical conclusions arising from the Nabatean personal names.

32. Personal Names in the Nabatean Realm

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    Qedem 32

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    A. Negev

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    240 pages

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