This, the first volume of the final reports on the large-scale excavations in Areas CC, KK and NN at Caesarea Maritima in the years 1993–1998 and 2000–2001, presents the small finds. The introductory chapter, laying out the archaeological context, is followed by eight chapters, written by specialists, each of which is a catalogue dedicated to a separate group of small finds: pottery (1,421 vessels), oil lamps (229 lamps), clay objects (335), stone objects (99) and vessels (140), glass vessels (261), jewelry (85 pieces), and metal objects (288). Altogether, 2,858 objects are included in the various corpora; most of them are of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Each catalogue includes all types and subtypes retrieved in the present excavations. The best examples of each type were selected to be included. Thus, every object found in the excavation is either included or has a representative in the catalogue. This material will enrich our understanding of the economic life of Caesarea and its local and international commerce.


Archaeological Excavations At Caesarea Maritima Areas CC, KK And NN Final Report

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    Joseph Patrich

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    480 pages, numerous illustrations, hardcover; ISBN 978-965-221-070-8

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