Qedem 58

Coinage of the Nabataean


The issue of Nabataean coins lasted from around the mid-3rd century BCE until 106 CE. The prosperity brought about by the trade of fragrances, incense and spices, in addition to providing caravans with shelter, water, food and other services, gave a boost to the Nabataean economy. Minting Nabataean coins served not only for the obvious monetary function, but also as a proclamation of political and economic independence. The motifs and legends on the Nabataean coinage, such as depictions of kings and queens and the Nabataean script, comprise a most important and often unique source of information about these fascinating people. This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Nabataean coins, including references to ancient sources and to inscriptions, and relating to current Nabataean archaeology and history. It updates Y. Meshorer’s comprehensive publication, Qedem 3 (1975), as well as subsequent publications on the subject. The catalogue contains 344 coins, many representing new types and new variants, and is lavishly illustrated in color.

58. Coinage of the Nabataean

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    Qedem 58

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    Rachel Barkay

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    One volume: text and illustrated catalogue: 165 pages

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