Qedem 63.

Tel Reḥov, A Bronze and Iron Age City in the Beth-Shean Valley Volume V. Various Objects and Natural-Science Studies. Jerusalem: The Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Volume V includes two parts. Part I presents studies on various objects of the Late Bronze and Iron Ages: clay, bone, stone and gypsum vessels, grinding stones and other stone objects, metal objects (including metallurgical studies), beads, objects related to the textile industry, scale weights and lithics. Other chapters include an analysis of the spatial distribution of finds in a group of unique 9th century BCE buildings in Area C, burials dating to the Assyrian period, and pottery, glass and coins from the Islamic periods. Part 2 includes a series of natural-science studies: radiometric dates, faunal and fish remains, molluscs, botanical remains, a paleomagnetic study and results of a soil-flotation project.

Tel Reḥov-A Bronze and Iron Age City in the Beth-Shean Valley, Vol. V (Qedem 63)

  • Series

    Qedem 63

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    Amihai Mazar and Nava Panitz-Cohen

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    XVII+683 pages

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