This volume publishes the results of the excavations conducted at Tel Megiddo by Yigael Yadin in four short seasons (1960, 1966, 1967 and 1971-2). The expedition's main focus was the northeastern sector of the mound, where excavation uncovered the remains of an extensive public structure attributed to Stratum VA-IVB, which was named “Palace 6000”. Additional probes were carried out in Area C in the southwestern part of the mound, intended to examine the stratigraphic connection with Gallery 629 and the cave of the spring, and Sounding 2153 in the area of the staircase outside the outer Iron Age gate.

Based on the surviving documentation, the volume presents the architectural remains and ceramic assemblages uncovered in the excavation, together with the hoard of small finds (Stratum VIA) found below “Palace 6000”. The author presents Yadin's conclusions as well as her own interpretation of the results of the excavation, and offers a new stratigraphic analysis of some previously published Iron Age II remains excavated by other expeditions.

56. Yadin's Expedition to Megiddo. Final Report of the Archaeological Excavation

  • Series

    Qedem 57

  • Author

    A. Zarzecki-Peleg

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    Two volumes: Text: 333 pages; Plans and Sections: 12 foldouts. 

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