Qedem Reports 6


This volume presents the architecture and finds of the Iron Age Strata XVIII–XI and the limited architecture and pottery of the Persian period Strata X–VIII at Tel Yoqne‘am. The almost uninterrupted sequence of Iron Age strata span the twelfth/eleventh centuries through the last third of the eighth century BCE; architectural remains include a water system that is one of the very few in the country that are securely dated to the tenth century and two superimposed defense systems. The dense stratigraphic sequence made possible a detailed analysis of the development of pottery types through the Iron Age strata. The results of this study are particularly important with regard to the current debate on the “traditional” versus the “low” chronology of the Iron Age II.

6. Yoqne‘am II: The Iron Age and the Persian Period

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    Amnon Ben-Tor, Anabel Zarzecki-Peleg and Shulamit Cohen-Anidjar

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    438 pages

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