English Section
The Story of the Ceramic Industry in the Southern Levant / Judith Ben-Michael

The Yarmukian Site at Tel Mitzpe Zevulun North (Naḥal Zippori 3) Lower Galilee, Israel / Omry Barzilai, Edwin C. M. van den Brink, Jacob Vardi, Roy Liran

The Miniature Chalices from Sha‘ar Hagolan: A New Interpretation / Michael Freikman

Pavements, Pits and Burials: The Case of Pit 183 at the Early Pottery Neolithic Site of Beisamoun, Northern Israel / Danny Rosenberg

Yarmukian-Type Architecture without Yarmukian-Type Pottery at the Site of Khirbet ‘Asafna (East) in the Jezreel Valley, Israel: A Dilemma? / Edwin C. M. van den Brink, Dan Kirzner, Michal Birkenfeld, Alla Yaroshevich, Nimrod Marom

A Newly Uncovered Cowrie-Eye Female Clay Figurine Fragment from Bet Ḥilqiya, Northern Negev, Israel / Edwin C. M. van den Brink, Yitzhak Marmelstein, Roy Liran

‘Yarmukian’ Figurines of the Neolithic Period at Lod / Eli Yannai

Early Wadi Rabah and Chalcolithic Occupations at Tel Dover: Environmental and Chronlogical Insights / Hamoudi Khalaily, Ianir Milevski, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Ofer Marder

The ‘Ein el-Jarba Holemouth Jar: A Local Vessel with Parallels in the Near East and Southeast Europe / Ianir Milevski, Zinovi Matskevich, Anat Cohen-Weinberger, Nimrod Getzov

Protohistoric Infant Jar Burials of the Southern Levant in Context: Tracing Cultural Influences in the Late Sixth and Fifth Millennia BCE / Katharina Streit

A Fourth-Millennium BCE Seal from Hazor / Amnon Ben-Tor

The Archaeology of Destruction: Methodological Desiderata / Michael G. Hasel

Siege Warfare, Conflict and Destruction: How are They Related? / Igor Kreimerman

Pottery Production in the Iron Age Shephelah: An Evaluation According to Recent Petrographic Research / David Ben-Shlomo

Four Egyptian Seals from Khirbet Qeiyafa / Martin G. Klingbeil

Four Notes on Tel Lachish Level V / Hoo-Goo Kang

Solomon’s Golden Shields in the Context of the First Millennium BCE / Madeleine Mumcuoglu

Sealed with a Dance: An Iron Age IIA Seal from Tel Abel Beth Maacah / Nava Panitz-Cohen and Robert A. Mullins

Reassessing the Character of the Judahite Kingdom: Archaeological Evidence for Non-Centralized, Kinship-Based Components / Aren M. Maeir and Itzhaq Shai

The Samarian Syncretic Yahwism and the Religious Center of Kuntillet cAjrud / Gwanghyun Choi

Revisiting Vaughn and Dobler’s Provenance Study of Hebrew Seals and Seal Impressions / Mitka R. Golub

The Assyrian Empire and Judah: Royal Assyrian Archives and Other Historical Documents / Peter Zilberg

Ekron: The Ceramic Assemblage of an Iron Age IIC Philistine Type Site / Seymour Gitin

The Meaning of the Boat Scene on the Phoenician-Cypriote Scapula from Tel Dor / Silvia Schroer

Hebrew section

Religious Practices and Cult Objects at Tel Reḥov during the 10th–9th Centuries BCE / Amihai Mazar

The Iron Age IIa Judahite Weight System at Khirbet Qeiyafa / Haggai Cohen Klonymus

Tel Ḥalif as a Case Study: Targeted Excavations in a Cave as a Means of Assessing Stratigraphy at the Tell / Amir Ganor, Gidon Goldenberg, Guy Fitoussi

Fortresses, Forts and Towers in the Jerusalem Region during the Iron Age IIb–c Period / Saar Ganor

A Late Iron Age II Administrative Building Excavated in the City of David / Doron Ben-Ami and Haggai Misgav

The Lachish Inscriptions from Yohanan Aharoni's Excavations Reread / Anat Mendel-Geberovich, Eran Arie, Michael Maggen

From Sha‘ar Hagolan to Shaaraim: Essays in Honor of Prof. Yosef Garfinkel

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    Saar Ganor, Igor Kreimerman, Katharina Streit, Madeleine Mumcuoglu

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    495 pages (English Section), 150 pages (Hebrew Section), 24 × 17 cm, hard cover, Numerous photos and drawings.

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