Qedem Reports 2


This volume, the companion volume to Qedem Reports 1, presents the finds from Areas A and C at Tel Dor, excavated in 1980-1987. The finds are exceptional in their range and quantity, and are distinguished by the unusually large numbers of imported items. Categories of finds presented here and fully illustrated with drawings and photographs are: Iron Age pottery, local pottery of the Persian period, East Greek pottery, Athenian pottery, imported Hellenistic and Roman pottery, Hellenistic coarse ware, clay figurines, popular cult objects and sculpture, the coins from the excavations, a scarab, seals, stamped storage jar handles, a Phoenician inscription, an inscribed sling bullet, and Greek inscriptions.

2. Excavations at Dor, Final Report, Vol. I B: Areas A and C, The Finds

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    E. Stern

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    512 pages

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